Boat Trailer Repair Near Idaho Falls, ID

If you’re taking your next adventure out onto the water, you’re going to need a boat trailer. Boat trailers come in a variety of styles and sizes and to make sure you’re not left high and dry when you need it most, you need to make sure your boat trailer is kept in good shape. From small bunk trailers to roller and float-on trailers, Idaho-based DB Rentals has the parts and the expertise to get your boat trailer shipshape in no time!

Boat Trailer Brake Repair

The brakes on your boat trailer will depend on the size and style of the trailer you are using. DB Rentals has the necessary parts to service hydraulic surge brakes, electric and air brakes. Whether you need the parts to make the repairs yourself or you’d prefer for one of our professionals to do it, DB Rentals has you covered. Visit us near Idaho Falls or give us a call to find out about the boat trailer brake parts we currently have in stock.

Boat Trailer Axle Repair

The axles on a boat trailer are responsible for bearing the load and also allowing the wheels to turn. They are one of the most important parts of any trailer so it’s important to keep up with any maintenance. While the axles themselves should last a long time, springs, bearings and spindles may undergo more wear and tear. Call in to DB Rentals and a professional can check out any issues and provide replacement parts if necessary.

How to Choose a Boat Trailer

In order to decide what trailer is best for your boat, you need to take the following things into consideration:
  • The size and type of the boat
  • The towing capacity of the driving vehicle
  • The best type of suspension for your trailer
  • The best material for the type of water you will be sailing in
  • How long your boat will be sitting on the trailer How much you wish to spend

Professional Boat Trailer Parts and Repair Services from DB Rentals

To make every boat trip a memorable one for all the right reasons, call in to DB Rentals for boat trailer repairs and services. Located in Idaho Falls, ID, we service surrounding areas including Iona, Sugar City, Rexburg, Menan, Rigby, Ucon and more. Whether you need parts or professional repairs for your boat trailer, our team can help. Contact us today with any questions about boat trailer repair in Idaho.