Mobile RV and Camper Repairs in Idaho Falls, ID

Mobile RV Repair

Not all RV and camper damage is created equal. Some repairs can be made at home while others require a professional fix. DB Rentals is here to help. Give us a call and get the help you need today.

We Come to You!

We are offering mobile RV repair in Idaho Falls which means a certified RV technician will come to you to make any repairs you RV or camper needs. Here at DB Rentals we are committed to providing a convenient and hassle-free experience. Give us a call today to get your RV up and running again and prepare for this winter by making sure your RV or camper is in top notch condition when stored away so it’s ready for you next year.

What We Repair

RVs and campers are compact, multi-use, machines that can frequently be in need of repairs. From AC and refrigerators to slide outs and awnings, we do it all. Some repairs are more time sensitive than others, and some need to be made before the RV/camper can even move again!

That’s why we believe in creating the hassle-free, contactless service of mobile RV repair. When air conditioning, plumbing, or electrical are out, it is difficult to enjoy using them. Exterior damage can also be a headache as it only gets worse when not taken care of. Give the experts at DB Rentals in Idaho Falls a call today for a quote.

Affordable and Convenient Service in Idaho Falls, ID

Mobile repairs make it so you can schedule around our mobile repair services on your timeframe. Do what’s convenient for you and leave the rest in the expert’s hands. We also offer competitive rates for camper, RV, and trailer repairs. Don’t let a faulty axel or break prevent you from making trips or hauling cargo.