Trailer Axle Repair in Idaho

Turning the wheels and supporting the load, trailer axles are probably the MVPs of the whole set-up. A damaged axle reduces the weight the trailer can safely carry and a broken one may lead to a wheel falling off.
If you suspect you have a bent or damaged trailer axle or you need a total replacement, contact DB Rentals in Idaho Falls, ID for affordable, professional and no-nonsense trailer repairs.

Types of Trailer Axle

There are two main types of trailer axle and which one to use generally comes down to personal choice.

    • Spring Axles
      These are the most common type of axle you’ll find on a trailer. Spring axles, or leaf spring axles, are inexpensive and while they are made of several components, the parts are easy to repair or replace. They are also long-lasting which is why they’re such a popular choice. On the downside, they may provide a bumpier ride, you need to be sure to keep them well maintained and individual parts may need repairing more often.
    • Torsion Axles
      If you’re looking for a smoother towing experience, torsion axles are the way to go. While they may initially cost more than spring axles, they’re much easier to maintain and are great for use in towing things like boats where they will be exposed to corrosive salt water. In the unlikely event that a torsion axle breaks, it’s difficult to repair without professional help and a complete replacement will usually be needed.
Whatever type of axle you have on your trailer, the experts at DB Rentals can repair or replace it anywhere in the Idaho Falls, ID area.

How to Check Your Trailer Axles

It’s easy to forget about the axles underneath your trailer but regular checks and maintenance will prolong their life or alert you to issues before they get worse. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Check the welding for rust or cracks.
  • Look for bubbling or stains under any paintwork.
  • It’s good practice to spray down the underside of a trailer after a long trip, especially if you’ve encountered mud or salted roads.
  • If a wheel isn’t straight, the axle may be damaged.

While trailer axles should last for many years, it’s always a good idea to get them checked as part of a regular service.

Visit our Trailer Repair Shop

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