Moving Trailer Rentals Near Idaho Falls, ID

Moving Trailers for Rent

Moving is never as straightforward as we want it to be. No matter if it’s across the town or the country, moving is a difficult process. Organizing, packing, and labeling is time-consuming, and that all takes place before you even move anything.

As you prepare to move, you might realize that you’re going to need some extra help to transport all of your belongings. If you need extra space to move your items, choose to work with DB Rentals! Our Idaho Falls location is only 7 miles away from I-15 to make getting you on the road that much easier. Contact us at DB Rentals to rent a moving trailer today!

Why Rent a Trailer for Moving

When you need some extra transportation, moving trucks might be the first idea to come to mind. However, you do have other options like moving trailer rentals. Moving trailer rentals are actually a cheaper alternative to moving trucks if you have the means to tow them. This low-cost feature makes moving trailers a viable option no matter if you’re moving to or from college or have a long-distance move to make.

At DB Rentals, we have several moving trailer rental options available. We offer enclosed and open trailers to tailor your experience to your needs. Give us a call to find out the availability of our moving trailer rentals.

Why Rent an Enclosed Trailer

Enclosed trailers, also known as cargo trailers, are what you probably recognize most as moving trailers. You can only access these trailers through the door because the other sides are sturdy and unmoving. Enclosed trailers are an excellent way to move a few items without renting an entire truck. Alternatively, they’re also a great choice if you have to move your family, your vehicle, and your belongings all at once.

These cargo trailers will safely move your things from one place to another. There is one small hitch, though—you’ll need a hitch. Just like with our other trailer rentals, hitches are necessary for the rental to work. The exact size of hitch will depend on the size of the enclosed trailer that you choose to rent. Contact us to determine what size and style of hitch you’ll need for your chosen enclosed trailer. Once you get your enclosed trailer, you’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make in your move!

Rent a Moving Trailer from DB Rentals

When you need to move, you need moving equipment that you can rely on. We’re here to help make your move easier with our moving trailer rentals in Idaho Falls. Place your trust and belongings in a reliable moving trailer from DB Rentals. Our trailers are well-taken care of and ready to go when you are.

Moving doesn’t have to be painful. Rent a trailer for moving from DB Rentals to get you where you’re going. Shoot us a message to learn more about our moving trailers or our other rental services. If you’re ready to rent a moving trailer, give us a call to reserve your trailer today!