Trailer Brake Repair in Idaho

If you are using a trailer, you need to be sure the brakes are working. Whether you’re towing anything from a few household items to a large boat, the extra weight behind you will affect your slowing and stopping distance on the road. As well as taking it easy on the gas pedal and giving yourself plenty of room to stop, it’s always a good idea to get your trailer brakes checked out before a road trip.

The professionals at DB Rentals can help with any trailer brake repairs or questions you may have. We’re based in Idaho Falls, ID, and offer expert, honest and competitive services for all your trailer needs.

Types of Trailer Brake

There are three main types of brake on a trailer, depending on the weight and what they’re used for.
  • Electric trailer brakes
    These are the most common type of trailer brake and are controlled via a brake controller or brake box mounted in the tow vehicle. When you apply the brakes in the car or truck, electricity is also sent to the trailer brakes. You can set the power level of how much braking force is used, depending on what is being towed.

  • Hydraulic surge brakes
    Commonly used on boat trailers, hydraulic surge brakes, also known as just surge brakes, use a system where the slowing of the tow vehicle’s momentum also slows the trailer. While this can be a nuisance in trying to back the trailer up, the surge brake assembly can be safely submerged in water, making it ideal for water activities.

  • Air brakes
    Air brakes are normally found on larger commercial or industrial vehicles such as tractor trailers and buses. They work by using compressed air and automatically apply when there’s any loss of pressure.

  • Whatever type of trailer braking system you use, it’s important to check it’s working properly before you start your journey. Your system may need adjusting, parts may be corroded or the brake shoes may be wearing out. DB Rentals can offer advice and repair services to get you safely back on the road.

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