Utility Trailer Repair Near Idaho Falls, ID

Utility trailers are great for transporting anything from supplies to small vehicles. They’re easy to load and unload and can bear a heavier weight than regular cargo trailers. If you’re having issues with your utility trailer or need some new parts, the professionals at DB Rentals can help. We’re based in Idaho Falls, ID, and offer professional, honest and competitive services for all your trailer needs.

Small Utility Trailer Repair in Idaho

While they’re compact in size, it’s important to keep your utility trailer in top working condition. A small issue can quickly turn into a larger one so swing by DB Rentals for some reliable and honest advice. Our professionals can take a look and make sure your trailer is running smoothly and safely for your next trip. If a fix is in order, our welding team can repair any damage to your utility trailer or provide and fit parts from our extensive stock collection to get you back on the road.

Visit our Trailer Repair Shop

DB Rentals carries a wide range of parts for utility trailers, boat trailers, horse trailers and more. If you need parts or services for your utility trailer, visit our professional team in the Idaho Falls area. From actuators and drum brakes to axles and tires, we’ll have the parts you need at an affordable price. If you want to buy parts to make the repairs yourself or would prefer that we do it, DB rentals has everything your trailer needs.

Utility Trailer Maintenance Checks

To keep your utility trailer in top condition, go through this checklist before each use:
  • Check the tires for wear and tear or punctures. Check the tire pressure and inflate if necessary.
  • Check the wheels to make sure everything’s tight.
  • Check the coupler latch on the trailer and the vehicle’s hitch ball. Grease the coupler latch if necessary. If it’s getting worn, replace it.
  • Check the safety chains for damage.
  • Ensure that whatever you’re towing is properly secured in the utility trailer.
A utility trailer is an investment that can last for many years, so if something just doesn’t feel right, get it to DB Rentals for an inspection.

Professional Utility Trailer Parts and Repair Services from DB Rentals

Contact us today for parts, services or any questions regarding small utility trailer repair. We cover Idaho Falls and surrounding areas such as Iona, Ucon, Ririe, Roberts, Thornton and more. If you don’t own one but need a trailer for any reason, we have a variety of rentals to suit your needs and budget.