Towable Campers and RVs for Rent

There are many reasons why you might choose a towable camper over the motorized or drivable version. Budget, experience, and the type of trip you’re planning all factor into the decision you make. Here at DB Rentals, we offer a great selection of towable campers to make your trip one to remember.

Why Choose a Towable Camper or RV?

Have you ever wanted to take to the open road but found the cost of renting a full-sized RV too high? Do you long to explore the great outdoors, but the thought of driving a large camper is a bit intimidating? Choose from one of DB Rentals’ towable camper rentals.

Enjoy the fantastic scenery and camping spots that Idaho has to offer or venture further across the States for a true journey of discovery. Now you can experience the convenience and quality of our campers while having the flexibility of using your own vehicle to make trips even easier.

All the Luxury of our Drivable Campers at a Fraction of the Cost

We understand that cost is high up on the list of considerations when it comes to taking a vacation. While we have a great selection of camper rentals available, sometimes it makes more sense for your wallet to rent the towable option. Towable campers are perfect for those eager to start making their first camping getaways, and they’re ideally suited for shorter or weekend trips.

Another factor to consider is the space you want. Our towable RV rentals have more interior space than drivable campers, meaning that they’re especially great for trips with children. Because it’s not pulling itself, a towable RV or camper also saves big on gas mileage so you can put those dollars towards creating some forever memories.

DB Rentals Is Here to Help near Idaho Falls

Our knowledgeable team can advise you on the best towable camper rental to work with your budget, type of trip, and even your existing vehicle. Contact our Idaho Falls team today to see which home-away-from-home you can take on your next adventure!